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 Chenming Group,the leading enterprise in Chinese papermaking industry,is ranked as one of the Top 500 enterprises in China. Since its foundation in 1958, Chenming has grown into large enterprise groups that dominates with its paper making, finance, pulp and real estate, and also involves in fields like plantation, logistics, building materials, hotels, etc. Chenming has production bases in Shandong, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin, etc. Group total assets amount to 100 billion yuan and annual pulp paper capability achieves over 11 million tons.

Chenming Group is the first to have finance companies and Financial Leasing Companies in paper industry, the only listed company to have A, B and H shares in China, and is rated as one of the 50 most cpmpetetive blue chip company in China. Chenming has been awarded successively over 200 honorary titles at the provincial level or above, including the National May 1 Labor Prize, Top 10 Best Light Industry Company Prize, Outstanding Contribution Award of the Chinese Enterprise Management, Advanced Units of National Spiritual Civilization, etc. and main indicators on economic benefit has been in the leading position for successive 20 years in national paper industry.

The company possesses the global largest scale of forest-pulp-paper integration engineering with the most advanced technology and equipment, dozens of advanced pulp and paper production line, as well as product mix with 8 medium and highquality series: top gradeGraphic paper,Packaging paper and Board, coated paper, Uncoated Woodfree Paper, Tissue paper, Copy paper, Thermal paper and glassine paper. Chenming has scientific research institutions such as National Level Technology Center, Postdoctoral research workstation, National Certified Testing Center of CNAS Pulp and Center, and so on. The company has acquired over 443 national patents, including 41 patents for invention, and 16 awards for scientific and technological advancement at the provincial level or above, been in charge of 5 science and technology projects at national level and 75 technological innovation projects at provincial level, and has 7 products rated as “National Level New Products” and 35 products filling the domestic void. We took the lead to in confirming to ISO9001, ISO14001 and FSC-COC Standard certification (license Code: FSC-C020261) in the industry.

Chenming is in the new round rapid growth, and we will try to make it a world-class large enterprise group of garden style, environment protection in high degree and first-class benefits aiming at “Marching towards the goal of 100 billion and bringing up Chenming of 100 years” by seriously implementing Chenming Spirit and fully enhancing enterprise management level.


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